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Hand lettered calligraphy for your special event

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Social Butterfly Calligraphy offers beautiful, hand lettered calligraphy for the special events in your life. Founder and calligrapher Toni Singer personally calligraphs each item in her New Jersey Studio. Your wedding stationery will have that special touch your guests will remember — enjoy the collection!


3 Line Envelope


4 Line Envelope


Print & Script Envelope


Hand Glittered Place Cards


Flat Place Cards



Custom monograms priced upon request

Poems & Certificates

Available upon request and priced accordingly. Hand gilded edges are also available.


How to Order


Select 3 or 4 line style as featured in the online collection. I need to know what color your envelopes are and if they are lined. Unfortunately, I do not calligraph on black envelopes or Stardream envelopes. Your guest address list needs to be typed exactly as you want your envelopes hand lettered in WORD label format, not in Excel. If you need etiquette assistance for addressing your envelopes I will be happy to help you. You will send: Your envelopes plus extras for ink mishaps, your typed guest list and 1 wedding invitation if you have an extra.

Place Cards

Please email your guest list, per table number. Select white or ecru paper, hand tinted glitter shade and calligraphy ink color.

Poems & Certificates and Monograms

Please email your text to our studio for a word count and cost.


Founder and Calligrapher: Toni Singer